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Akabad IRE***

Akabad is a solid stallion, with a fantastic metabolism, got very good straight legs, thin skin ... He was not only a good endurance horses but also a nice show jumper ! His first foals were born 10 years ago and doing show jumping at the moment. 

His father was a very famous sire producing for cross country, show jumping but also endurance :  Galeme  IRE 124, Gaylaure de mai IRE 123, Douarec IRE***.  Her dam, by Horr **** and Badera**** got fantastic pedigree for endurance... Badera produced Majane du Cayrou ire 127, Marousha du Cayrou IRE 126 ...

Qualified on 200 km at Landivisiau when he was seven, he came back into competition with us in 2006 with success : 8 th on 130 km CEN** at Plésidy, 9 th on 200 km CEI*** at Landivisiau,  ... : 650 km in race in 2006 ! He ended is career coming top ten at Montcuqin 2007.

Akabad produced 2 horses now competing in endurance :  Ringel Birmane, exported to UAE en 2012, et Taila du Roc'h, excellent at Uzes a 5 years old.