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I started endurance 15 years ago, since then, my passion for this sport in still the same : "to finish is to win"

Here is a summarry of my professional career :

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On our yard, we train horses from our Stud, but also others belonging to private owners, or international endurance teams, in great facilities, with fully experienced riders !

We trained about 25 horses every year. Half of theim compete on international competitions, from 120 km to 160 km rides. The rest of the horses still need to pass all their qualifications from 20 km to 90 km. every year, some of theim are exported to foreign countries. Since years now, we train horses from the Royal endurance Stables of Barhain. We thank Shk nasser and Shk Khaled Bin Hamad al Khalifa for their trust in our capability to build experienced endurance horses.

Actualisé le 17/11/2021

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My professional career

These different experiences in endurance or flat race, gave me a solid base to become one of the best horse trainer.

Actualisé le 17/11/2021