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Saison 2010

33 position,  160 km CEI*** FLORAC, Pre-ride of the European Championship, with Never Surrender (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain) ridden by Allan Leon.

14 position,  130 km CEI** COMPIEGNE, World endurance Championship for 7 years old young horses,  Persepolia Larzac (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain) ridden by Allan Leon.

4 and 5 positions, 120 km CEI** Dukeries Ride, Antar (19.72 kmh) ridden by Abdulrahim Ahmed Jaffar Abdulla and Snowy River Phantom (19.72kmh) ridden by Al Saad Abdulrahman Mohammed (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain).

1 and 2 posotions,  100 km CEI* Dillingen, Rhyom Marachaco (21.54 kmh) ridden by Al Thawadi Mohammed Hamad, and Nuage du Payau (21.54 kmh) ridden by Busafar Ali Abdulla (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain).

4, 5, 6 positions 120 km CEI** Tessenderloo, Maruska El Aziz, Nuage de Payau and Rhyom Marachaco (19.09 kmh) (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain).
4 position, 110 km CEI* Argentan le Pin, Persepolia Larzac (16.75 kmh) (Royal Endurance Team of Barhain).
7 position, 100 km CEI* Rambouillet and best recovry time with Loukooum Cabirat ridden by Allan Leon.

8 position,  130 km CEI** COMPIEGNE sponsors trophy with Kadanse (18.52 kmh) ridden by Mr Philippe Sirugue.

Excellent 90 km UZES FINALS 6 years old, Queran de tourtel ridden by Allan Leon, owned by Mr Stephan Fontanel.

Excellent 60 km UZES FINALS 5 years old, Raja du roc'h ridden by Allan Leon