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Just the perfect place to breed top quality endurance horses ...

Located in the Armorik National Parc, in Finistere, at 20 min from Morlaix, 35 mn from Brest Guipavas Airport, our Yard is about 30 ha big, manly made of hill natural medaows, with a river flowed in the middle. Our philosophie in breeding and agriculture process is simple : extensive farming and sustainable and environment-friendly developpement. the 2 only amendments we spray are shell sand (rich in calcium and trace elements), and the bacteriosol process.

Just the ideal place to train champion endurance horses ...

Our stable is situated in a national parc, so thousands of natutal tracks are available to train horses. However, since 2012, a fabulous race track is now open for professional trainer at all time next to landivisiau (25 km) at l'equipole. Morever, the sea is only 30 mn far from the yard, so horses have sea bath at all time after intensive session of fast training.

Finally, our stable is very well equiped : 

one barn with spacious and safety stalls (video surveillance)

hot Shower and solarium combine,

ice machine,

Horse walker 20 m (6 Horses)

2 Horse treadmills (15 km/h, 11 %)

All this equipements make our yard an ideal place to train and build future athletes in optimum conditions.